AIA-SEAS – Iberoamerican Association of Southeast Asian Studies is a non-profit association formed on December 19, 2012 in Lisbon with the aim of being the articulating institution with European counterparts, and specifically with EuroSEAS (European Association for Southeast Asian Studies), of the research interests on Southeast Asia of the Iberian and Iberoamerican world.

The corporate purpose of AIA-SEAS is the promotion and dissemination of cultural and scientific research studies concerning Southeast Asia developed in the geographic area of Iberoamerica.

AIA-SEAS is specifically constituted for:
– Holding seminars, conferences and congresses about Southeast Asia;
– Publishing a journal and a collection of scientific books about Southeast Asia;
– The promotion and support of research about Southeast Asia to obtain university degrees (masters and doctorates);
– The promotion of postgraduate and specialized courses about Southeast Asia in partnership with universities of the Ibero-American geographic area;
– Dissemination of the Southeast Asian culture through any other events (exhibitions, commemorative days, etc.).


ASEAN | Nadine Lobner.

Brunei |

Cambodia |

Philippines | Nuno Canas Mendes.

Indonesia | Maria Johanna Schouten; Nadine Lobner; Nuno Canas Mendes.

Laos |

Malaysia | Maria Johanna Schouten; Nuno Canas Mendes.

Myanmar |

Singapore |

Thailand | Nuno Canas Mendes.

East Timor | Alberto Castro; Daniel Simião; Fernando Augusto de Figueiredo; Inês Amorim; Isabel Boavida; Lúcio Sousa; Maria Johanna Schouten; Nadine Lobner; Nuno Canas Mendes; Paulo Castro Seixas; Ricardo Roque; Rui Graça Feijó; Teresa Cunha; Vicente Paulino; Zélia Pereira.

Vietnam | Nadine Lobner.


2021-2024 Triennium
  • Board of Directors
    President of the Directorship: Lúcio Manuel Gomes de Sousa
    Director (Secretary): Sandra Marisa Martins Ramos Gonçalves
    Director (Treasurer): Helena Isabel Borges Manuel
    Director: Kelly Cristiane da Silva
    Director: Vicente Paulino
  • General Assembly Board
    General Assembly President: Maria Johanna Christina Schouten
    1st Secretary of the General Assembly: Paulo Castro Seixas
    2nd Secretary of the General Assembly: Nuno Gonçalo de Carvalho Canas Mendes
  • Fiscal Council
    President of the Fiscal Council: Zélia Maria Cruz Pereira
    1st Secretary of the Fiscal Council: Alberto Fidalgo Castro
    2nd Secretary of the Fiscal Council: Daniel Schroeter Simião

Representation at EuroSEAS General Council

  • Alberto Fidalgo Castro
  • Zélia Pereira