AIA-SEAS Library of Southeast Asian Studies: II CALL FOR MANUSCRIPTS 2024

II Chamada para manuscritos de livros 2024_en

Call to participate in EuroSEAS Conference 2024 Panel entitled: “Ritual Exchange in Timor-Leste”   Alberto Fidalgo and Susanna Barnes have had a panel proposal to EUROSEAS accepted and are now seeking panelists to join! The panel is entitled: Ritual Exchange in Timor-Leste: Regulation, Resistance, and Social Inequality in the Post-Independence Era. They are seeking contributions that explore the implications of the perceived or real intensification of customary exchanges, specifically “lia […]

Call to participate in the EuroSEAS 2024 Conference Panel – “Climate-induced conflicts and vulnerabilities in Southeast Asia”

Call for papers   Call for participation in the EuroSEAS 2024 Conference Panel on “Climate-induced conflicts and vulnerabilities in Southeast Asia: Community-based adaptation, imagination, and interventions in space, to address socio-environmental challenges”, coordinated by our associate Joana de Mesquita Lima, from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon.   More information on the […]

Colloquium “O 25 de Abril em Timor-Leste: Proclamação unilateral da independência em 1975”

The Colloquium “O 25 de Abril em Timor-Leste: Proclamação unilateral da independência em 1975” will take place on November 29, 2023, at 9:00 AM (GMT), at the Auditorium of the Fundação Mário Soares e Maria Barroso (Lisbon) and online. This event is part of the “50 Anos de Abril” initiatives organized by the Center for […]

2023 TLSA Conference (12-14 July 2023, Dili) – Call for Papers

This three-day conference for researchers is organised by the Timor-Leste Studies Association (TLSA). The TLSA is an interdisciplinary, international research network focussed on all aspects of research into East Timorese society, including politics and history, economics, communications, health, language, agriculture and science. This year’s conference will also have a number of special streams: Economic Development to be […]

Application for EuroSEAS Masterclass 2023 in Southeast Asia

The European Association for Southeast Asian Studies (EuroSEAS) organizes a masterclass for a small number (maximum 9) of PhD students who work on Southeast Asia in the field of the Humanities and Social Sciences.Unlike the former masterclasses that were always held in conjunction with the EuroSEAS conference, this year, for the first time, the masterclass will […]

EuroSEAS 2024 (22-26 July 2024, Amsterdam)

The 13th EuroSEAS conference will be held at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands from 22-26 July 2024. +info  

Workshop AIA-SEAS “Education and Research in Timor-Leste – Timorese Perspectives”

  The 2nd edition of the AIA-SEAS Workshops will take place on May 5t, 2022, dedicated to the theme “Education and Research in Timor-Leste – Timorese Perspectives”. This will be an open online event (no prior registration required). To attend, simply access the link “Oficinas AIA-SEAS” at the following time: Timor-Leste – 19:00 Portugal – […]

Internacional Workshop “Solidarity with Timor-Leste Struggle for Self-determination: Actors, Institutions, Contexts”

Between may 16th and 19th, 2022 the Internacional Workshop “Solidarity with Timor-Leste Struggle for Self-determination: Actors, Institutions, Contexts”, will be held, dedicated to the issue of solidarity with Timor-Leste’s struggle for self-determination. Over two and a half decades, solidarity with the Timorese struggle took a variety of forms: support from civil society movements, which were […]

AIA-SEAS at EuroSeas 2022 Paris

AIA-SEAS will be present at the EuroSeas 2022 Congress, which will take place in Paris between June 28 and July 1. The panel: Southeast Asian studies in the Ibero-American research landscape: emerging postcolonial perspectives, is coordinated by Marisa Ramos Gonçalves and Alberto Fidalgo Castro. For more information:

Final Seminar of the Project Ruy Cinatti, ethnographer and poet

  The final seminar of the project Ruy Cinatti, ethnographer and poet took place on the 25th and 26th. Several members of AIA-SEAS participate in the project. The project was financed by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation under the Gulbenkian Program for Portuguese Language and Culture.

Conference TLSA-PT – Timor-Leste: The Island and the World

The first International Conference organized by the Portuguese Section of the Timor-Leste Studies Association (TLSA-PT) took place in September 2020. The event, which was held online, had more than 100 participants from all over the world. The proceedings of the event are being published. More information at:

Workshop AIA-SEAS

“Government of and for kultura”, December 7th, 2021. This is a seminar organized by AIA-SEAS to Seminar organized by AIA-SEAS to present and discuss the results of the homonymous project from the perspective of four doctoral theses produced at PPGAS/UnB, with the participation of the colleagues Dr. Renata N. Silva, Dr. Keu Apoema, Dr. Carlos […]

“The Santa Cruz Massacre, 1991: Thirty Years On” November 9-10, 2021

On November 9th-10th, 2021, took place the international symposium “The Santa Cruz Massacre, 1991: 30 years on“. The event was organised by Timor-Leste Studies Association, and was held online, on a moodle platform. About one hundred participants participated in the event, including several members of AIA-SEAS. Foto: Chega! National Centre, Timor-Leste.

Panel “The Colony of Timor: Perificity, Periodic Press and Circulation of News between Colonial Nodes”

We announce the Panel “The Colony of Timor: Perificity, Periodic Press and Circulation of News between Colonial Nodes”, organized by Vicente Paulino (Universidade Nacional de Timor Loro`Sae (UNTL) / CEMRI –Uab, Timor Leste) and Lúcio Sousa (Universidade Aberta / CEMRI-UAb e IELT-FCSH, Portugal), to be presented at the Congresso “Politics and Culture in the Colonial […]


CALL FOR MANUSCRIPTS – AIA-SEAS Library of Southeast Asian Studies

Until August 15, 2023 the call is open for proposals for a book, to be published in digital format (ebook) in the Biblioteca (Library) of AIA-SEAS. The Editorial Committee of AIA-SEAS is accepting proposals in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities that focus on Southeast Asia and fit into one of the two series […]

Book “Timor-Leste – Do Colonialismo Tardio à Independência”

“Timor-Leste – Do Colonialismo Tardio à Independência”, published in May 2023 by Edições Afrontamento, is a book by Zélia Pereira and Rui Graça Feijó, both members of AIA-SEAS. The presentation will take place on June 1st at 6:00 pm at Biblioteca da Rainha, in Largo das Necessidades.

Launch of Revista Oriente 29

Rui Feijó, a member of AIA-SEAS, will be present at the Museu do Oriente on April 21st at 6:00 pm to launch issue 29 of Revista Oriente, which is dedicated to Timor-Leste and brought out under his coordination.

NEW BOOK: Economic Diversity In Contemporary Timor-Leste

Leiden University Press recently released the book Economic Diversity in Contemporary Timor-Leste, edited by Kelly Silva, Teresa Cunha, both associates of AIA-SEAS, and Lisa Palmer. This collection features articles from other members of the association, namely Lúcio Sousa and Alberto Fidalgo Castro. Economic Diversity in Contemporary Timor-Leste analyses various economic dynamics in past and present Timor-Leste. […]

The Paradox of ASEAN Centrality: Timor-Leste Betwixt and Between

ASEAN, as being on the very core of this matter, deserves close attention through the case of Timor-Leste for understanding international strategic inclusion-exclusion dynamics. The manuscript we provide tackles this case through a small country ‘in-between’ the core global actors of economic and political concern: Timor-Leste as a ground for grasping large-scale complexities in decision-making […]

Journal “Relações Internacionais” dedicated to Timor-Leste

The 74th number (june 2022) of the trimestral periodical “Relações Internacionais”, published by Instituto Português de Relações Internacionais (IPRI-NOVA), is dedicated to Timor-Leste. Entitled “Timor Leste: 20 anos de independência”, it contains papers from AIA-SEAS members.

Book “Timor Etnográfico. Etnografias Coloniais Portuguesas no Século XX”

  Anthropology and Portuguese colonialism share a common past. During the 20th century, the so-called «indigenous peoples» of Asia and Africa were observed and studied by numerous Portuguese colonial administrators, missionaries, military and scientists. The essays gathered in this book analyse these hypotheses throughout the investigation of the abundant colonial ethnographic archives on Timor-Leste. The […]

TLSA-PT 2020 Conference Proceedings

The printed version of the Proceedings of the TLSA-PT 2020 International Conference is finally available. This is a publication supported by Centro Nacional Chega!, FCT and AIA-SEAS. To receive your collection of books, please contact TLSA-PT. The digital version is available for download in our Online Resources section.

New Paper from Ângelo Ferreira

We announce the article by Ângelo Ferreira, a member of AIA-SEAS, published in the journal Education and Research, edited by the University of São Paulo, Brazil. “Portuguese language as a distinguishing mark: an East Timorese identity school during the Indonesian occupation” East Timorese fought for 24 years (1975-1999) against the violent Indonesian occupation and the […]

Olhares sobre Narrativas de Origem em Timor-Leste – Complete content avaliable online

The complete content of the book “Olhares sobre Narrativas de Origem em Timor-Leste” is now available in digital format (.pdf) in the “Bibliographic Resources” section of the AIA-SEAS website.

Book “As Donas da Palavra”

“As Donas da Palavra” is an inaugural book, product of Daniel Simião’s audacious intellectual project and his successful partnership with Kelly Silva. Daniel and Kelly were the first couple of Brazilian anthropologists to undertake field research in Timor-Leste, by arriving in the country in 2002, at a time when the country was reinventing itself as […]

Releases about Southeast Asia

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