Isabel Boavida

Independent Researcher

Portuguese from a Timorese family. Holds a master’s degree in Architecture from the Department of Architecture of the University of Coimbra, with the thesis “Urbanografia de Díli no tempo da administração portuguesa.” Researcher on the architectural heritage of the Portuguese colonial period in Timor-Leste, has participated in the research projects “Gabinetes Coloniais de Urbanização: Cultura e Prática Arquitectónica”, “UNESCO’s Global Report on Culture and Sustainable Urban Development Regional Survey for Portuguese Speaking Countries,” and “TechNetEMPIRE: TechnoScientific Networks in the Construction of the Built Environment in the Portuguese Empire (1647-1871)”. Made part of the technical team for the inventory of the Portuguese architectural heritage in the district of Dili, promoted by the Ministry of Art and Culture of Timor-Leste, being the author of the historiographic texts in the publication “Architectural Heritage of Portuguese Origins of Dili”.

Geographical Areas of Research

East Timor

Areas of Research

Portuguese colonial architecture


Collective memory


Timorese diaspora in Portugal