Nadine Lobner

Nadine Lobner, FCT doctoral fellow (BD/7467/2020) of Anthropology at Universidade de Lisboa, Institute of Social and Political Sciences, Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies. Holds a BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Vienna with a special focus on epistemological violence and bilateral relations, and a master’s degree in anthropology (University of Lisbon – ISCSP) in an interdisciplinary framework with international relations with a focus on global interrelations through local perspectives. Former research fellow of the European H2020 project CRISEA: – ‘Competing Regional Integration of Southeast Asia’, with special focus on Timor-Leste and ASEAN within a geopolitical global-local framework.

Geographical Areas of Research


East Timor


ASEAN as International Region

Areas of Research


International regions

Beyond border narratives


Cultural translations


PhD Thesis about the EU and ASEAN as international regions in the making.